P&C insurers are under great pressure to provide the best possible service and reduce expenses, increasing their reliance on visual information.
Photocert is helping to pioneer such automation. Harnessing the power of smartphone cameras, computer vision, object detection, and natural language processing into one seamless end-to-end process.
Photocert, the company behind a photo certification tool has secured backing from TwinklHive, the business accelerator created by Sheffield-based educational publisher Twinkl.
AXA Italy, world-leading providers of assistance and insurance, and Photocert, a London-based insurtech solution company, are collaborating to deliver AXA customers quicker and more efficient claims processes
Launched in 2019 as a platform to analyse images using proprietary photo authentication technology, Photocert has evolved into all-in-one claims and underwriting applications for motor and P&C insurance.

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