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Process Automation Solutions

End-to-End Products

From underwriting to claim settlement, Photocert’s technologies offer insurance automation solutions powered by AI to improve workflow efficiency and increase customer-centricity. 

Plug & Play APIs and Apps

Use case-ready solutions to take your processes to the next level. Harness the coming of age for mobile digital technologies with the power of AI, reality-augmentation, and database technologies.


Improving Customer

Mobile self-use apps to enrich your motor claim and onboarding processes using damage recognition


Improving Customer

Couple the power of mobile technologies with AI and computer vision to deliver insights within minutes


Instant Onboarding and

Apply object recognition and AI together with a price database to enrich all your content processes

Zero Disruption Integration 

Photocert’s Rest APIs and SDKs work seamlessly as stand-alone solutions, integrated into or working side-by-side existing workflows with next to zero disruption to existing operations. 

Photocert dedicated solutions are working hard for our clients, improving efficiencies and increasing customer satisfaction scores within motor, contents and property claim processes.

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