Process Automation

Save time and resources by incorporating Photocert end-to-end into your inspection workflow. Inspection processes necessarily rely upon visual data insights, an area often reserved for human intervention. Photocert engineers have brought the power of cutting-edge technology into a form that can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows.

Enhancing inspection processes with actionable data-driven analysis, using AI on pre-exsiting trained model or developing tailored use cases, enriches both your customer’s experience and brings about internal efficiencies. With several tools at it disposition, Photocert can help you improve you processes dramatically.

How it’s Achieved

By incorporating both industries’ acknowledged software and proprietary software, Photocert creates custom workflows which integrate seamlessly into existing systems. Here are just a few examples of the modular elements Photocert utilises to create end-to-end process automation.

Mobile Visual Inspections

Depending upon the use case, users can download an app to their mobile device or access the application directly from the web to facilitate the inspections process by taking photos and by adding any required information through different forms.

Customised Journeys

Forming end-to-end claim automation is broken down into logical stages, which correlate to significant points along the customer journey. Each stage can largely be customised to meet the requirements of that stage. Some stages may run concurrently, some sequentially.

Object Detection 

Photocert AI technology analyses the photos taken and identifies objects to customise journeys or to focus other AI analysis. For example, In the case of a motor claim, the AI will detect the car, and a region of the car and begin to analyse damaged areas.

Text Recognition

At any stage of a customer journey, Photocert can include Text Recognition software to extract any written or printed information and send the relevant information to its customers. All without a single human intervention. 

Augmented Reality

The AI brain of the computer vision system maps out the spatial elements of the claimed objects relative to each other. This can help to determine the extent of damage, and how it relates to nearby objects. With each interaction, the AI learns and gains experience from repeated actions within similar settings. 

AI Applications

Different models can be applied depending on the use case. To gather information from photos, like detecting water leak damages, or analysing data, to determine the cost of repair. Photocert can tackle any potential application based on previous experiences, adding value to inspection processes.

Insurance Use

Photocert’s state-of-the-art end-to-end process automation has brought benefits to many sectors that have relied upon manual processes in the past. From water-leak inspections to motor and home insurance claims 

Insurance Claim Process Enhancement

Photocert’s cutting-edge technologies speed up end-to-end processes so that low-value insurance claims can often be settled within minutes. Procedures that once appeared complex and time-consuming to customers now flow seamlessly, ensuring greater levels of customer satisfaction. Reducing time, and removing manual steps create efficiencies that once could only be dreamed of. 

Eradication of Wasteful Paper-Based Processes Made Easy 

Using resources responsibly and efficiently is a challenge that organisations no longer see as optional. Digitally aligning workflows and encrypting documents at salient stages in the workflow, both decreases fraud and works towards the reduction of paper use within your organisation. Achieving sustainable workflows helps balance both the carbon and fiscal budget.

Scale workflows with added efficiency 

Employing AI within your workflow adds scaleable efficiencies which can support rapid growth without the necessity of additional staffing. As the workload peaks and ebbs, AI meets the demand unconstrained by workforce capacity. 

Save Operational Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction 

Manual field inspections can be time-consuming and expensive. Many of the day-to-day inspections can be completely replaced with a full end-to-end inspection process. Removing manual processes reduces mistakes, and fraud occurrence, and speeds up the whole process. 

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