Point-of-Capture Authentication

Build a Trustworthy Environment

Media Certification

In this era, it is difficult to rely on visual information to make meaningful decisions. Through integrable mobile applications, Photocert can certify the authenticity of visual media so that you can use it for any purpose with full peace of mind.

Photocert also extracts valuable information from the mobile device and performs several security checks. Here are just a few:

Visual Media Integrity

Images & videos captured with our product are certified in milli-seconds. The certification reaches our server over a secure connection, therefore the rest of the data is analysed and stored to guarantee easy access and safety.

GPS Information

GPS and other spatial information are linked to the certification and embedded into the image, establishing the origin of the photo as well as the circumstances behind how the image was taken.


The date and time are also linked to the certification. When combined with GPS information, this can be used to display the weather conditions at the time and place of the captured image or video.


An authentic picture can still be fraudulent if it was originated form another photo, printed media or a screen. Computer vision and machine learning tests, among others, are used to identify these cases.

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