Our platform allows policyholders to register a content claim in minutes. Using object identification and text recognition, we receive valuable information that enables us to automatically find the replacement value of an item in seconds, dramatically reducing processing time and permitting straight-through processing.

A customizable guided process, that leverages object detection, greatly reduces the possibility of receiving wrong or incomplete information. Helping potential customers to receive a tailor-made quote quickly through our mobile application.


Impulse Your Team

All the event information can be accessed, through a web application, where handlers can quickly confirm the underlying asset value allowing them to focus on important tasks.

Handle Low-Value Claims

Photocert’s platform can be seamlessly integrated into any existing process or system. It allows insurers to efficiently handle low-value items, enabling straight-through processing.

Enhance Your Processes

Our platform automates content processes, reducing processing time, and increasing customer satisfaction while preventing fraud.

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