Image Authenticity

Trust What You See

We behold the world around us from what we see. We rely upon our senses and intuitions and experiences to interpret our world. Yet, our senses are limited. Harnessing the power of the latest high pixel density cameras together with the power of AI we now have insight beyond the limits of the human eye at the click of a button. 

Being able to trust what we see is a fundamental building block of our reality. Photocert image certification technologies ensure we can make meaningful decisions from images we need to rely on. Photocert certification & verification technologies can replace the human eye in many situations where we need to completely trust what we see.

Image Certification

Digital photos & videos captured directly through our proprietary apps provide images you can completely rely upon. In the case of images we, add an additional level of security by detecting the presence of a picture-of-a-picture. In addition, we provide other relevant data such as timestamp and GPS location within seconds.

Our plug-and-play SDKs and apps (native & web) can be configured for a variety of use cases and provide a certainty level approaching 100%. 

Tamper Analysis

Harnessing the power of AI and deep-learning Photocert can provide you with verification insights even for third-party sourced photos. The algorithms can detect potential fraud attempts, improving the security of your existing systems. Depending upon your use case we can deploy over 20 rigorous tests that can pinpoint the tampered areas using computer vision and deep learning algorithms.

The product can be easily integrated using our REST APIs or by interacting with our online platform.

Strengthen Your Processes

Photocert image authentication technologies sit at the very heart of all that we do. Photocert’s founding aim is to ensure we can trust what we see. 

Our technologies offer a light-touch non-invasive method of improving your fraud detection capabilities. Trusted by mulitnational brands to deliver the highest levels of prevention. 

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