Motor Insurance Applications


Photocert allows policyholders to register and submit a motor claim in minutes using their mobile. Customers follow a guided interface to register their claim, authenticating pictures at the moment of the shot and helping to record the FNOL closer to the damage event.

A secure, simple-to-perform inspection, enables insurers to receive valuable information to confirm the location and ownership of the vehicle. In addition, this information can be used in case of a claim to automatically detect pre-existing damages.


Increase Productivity

With Photocert, claim handlers can monitor multiple cases at the same time. Information can be easily accessed through a web application that can be seamlessly integrated.

Automate Damage Recognition

In partnership with industry leaders, the platform offers car damage recognition that supports the claim settlement process and can be used for straight-through processing of standard events.

Reduce Cost

Our platform eliminates unnecessary inspections, automates the FNOL, dramatically reducing response times, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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