PDF Authentication

Detect Document

Digital media fraud extends beyond just photos; it can also affect digital documents. From invoices to bank statements, document manipulation poses a challenge for companies and can be impossible to detect through human inspection.

Photocert can assess the legitimacy of any type of PDF document by analysing various attributes within these media files, including:

General Analysis

It comprehends the type of PDF file, whether it's a digital or scanned PDF. This information is crucial to determine the appropriate methods for testing the authenticity of the document.

Meta Data Analysis

Analyses the document's metadata to detect inconsistencies and signs of tampering providing invaluable insights into the file's origin.

Authentication of Embedded Images

This test focuses on extracting images that have been inserted into a PDF file. It conducts authentication on those images, ensuring that every part of the document is thoroughly analysed.

Digital Signature Analysis

The process involves the analysis of the cryptography of a digital signature within a PDF, when present, to identify potential changes made to the document following its creation.

Text Verification

Different methods are used to analyse the consistency of the contents within a PDF, detecting any potential tampering of the document related to alterations of the text itself.


Elevate your credit assessment workflow by authenticating critical financial PDFs sourced from various channels, including bank statements and credit reports. With the prowess of AI and deep learning, Photocert ensures meticulous verification, safeguarding against potential fraud attempts.Our plug-and-play SDKs and apps (native & web) can be configured for a variety of use cases and provide a certainty level approaching 100%. 


Optimize insurance operations by automating the verification of vital documents—such as invoices, appraisals, and health certificates. Photocert’s cutting-edge technology streamlines insurance processes, ensuring swift procedures that uphold data integrity and proactively counter fraudulent activities.The product can be easily integrated using our REST APIs or by interacting with our online platform.

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