Trust What You See

Photocert validates the authenticity of pictures & videos and provides valuable image analysis

Confidence On Your Visual Data

Certification of new
photos & videos

Our algorithm secures not only the integrity of pictures & videos but also the time stamp, GPS location, device information and other vital data.

Verification of
existing photos

We can verify the validity of third-party images using a variety of tools. This includes image trace detection, web search analysis, metadata search and similarity search.

image analysis

Using computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques, we can extract insights through object detection, text extraction, blur detection and face recognition.

Improve The Way You Do Things

Fraud prevention

Curb potential fraudsters by using our products to certify the pictures & videos you receive.

Process efficiency

Knowing that images you receive are authentic, you can then use our computer vision and AI tools to enhance or automate processes.

Customer satisfaction

Delivering seamless third-party trust strengthens the interactions with
customers and allows you to form new interactions securely.

Markets Where We Make A Difference

Insurance Claims

Insurance Onboarding


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