Insurance Onboarding

A Re-Imagined Onboarding

Customers have come to expect more from insurers. Paper-based processes and overly complicated web applications are a thing of the past. Our self-onboarding process relies on AI and computer vision to offer a seamless application that not only provides an enhanced experience but also provides accurate information to insurers so that they can minimise risk.

Customer satisfaction

The process relies on certified and/or verified pictures which secure all underlying visual information. In addition, it allows for a faster first notice of loss (FNOL) and a reduced number of touchpoints which decreases the likelihood of fraudulent claims.

Process efficiency

With self-onboarding, there is no need to choose between fast onboarding and information accuracy. There is no longer the need for a site visit. The additional information allows insurers to accurately assess risk.

Fraud prevention

Certified pictures not only authenticate the validity of photos & videos but also provide the GPS location allowing cross-referencing. Once the onboarding is complete, the data can be used to prevent a claim on pre-existing damage.

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