Insurance Claims

Claims Made Simple, Faster & Transparent

In today’s digital world, insurance companies face multiple challenges, low-profit margins, fraud and low customer loyalty. Photocert has created a mobile-driven self-claim process that prevents fraud, reduces costs and can deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Fraud prevention

The process relies on certified and/or verified pictures which secure all underlying visual information. In addition, it allows for a faster first notice of loss (FNOL) and a reduced number of touchpoints which decreases the likelihood of fraudulent claims.

Reduced cost

The process dramatically reduces costs by eliminating the need for most field inspections and shortening the claim life cycle. It can also be set up to reduce risk in straight-through processing with AI damage recognition and estimation.

Customer satisfaction

Through the user-centric mobile application, customers are always in control of the process. When combined with the reduced claim life cycle and frictionless experience, greater customer loyalty will occur.

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