Secure Virtual Inspections

Traditional inspections are not only costly but are also often inconvenient. Clients need to coordinate with an inspector and waste valuable time out of their day. The ability to self-inspect through our certification product removes the necessity of a physical inspection and provides the customer with flexibility while retaining image security.

Reduced cost

Field inspections are redundant. Photos are sent directly by the customer through our applications with the underlying image security. Data is stored in one location, making it easy to analyse different inspections simultaneously.

Customer satisfaction

Self-inspection allows customers to manage their own time as opposed to relying on an inspector’s schedule. The easy-to-use application allows anyone to complete an inspection, saving valuable time.

Fraud prevention

As well as photo & video certification, our product provides information that can be used to monitor the condition and location of any item at the time of inspection, enhancing the system overall.

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