Seamless Integration

You can integrate any of our products using our APIs or by using one of our white-label apps

Rest / Android / iOS APIs

Our APIs have been developed to allow scalable and effortless integration. APIs can be divided into two groups:
• REST API, which can be integrated into any website or third-party servers.
• Native mobile SDK, for easy integration with Android and iOS applications.

White Label Apps

We have readily available and highly customizable apps. The apps come with our APIs integrated for both Android and iOS platforms. The engine behind the service is provided through a proxy that allows communication with our client environment.

Our integration approach

Mobile Driven

Our products were developed with the mobile-first approach to remove any potential mobile friction. We have adopted a native development approach to deliver the best user experience in each type of device.


All modules of our product can be applied independently. Our customers can choose what functionality to activate and adopt in their plan, creating the best fit for their needs.


Our products are highly customizable and can adapt to any customer need. We created a closed environment for every type of customer following a generic approach to allow for flexible developments on both front and back end.


We guarantee the native compatibility with both iOS and Android platforms and with any system that has access to an internet connection through REST APIs. In this way, even web and cross-platform apps can fully integrate our products.

Additional Information

Would you like to have additional information on how to integrate our products? Please fill out the form and one of our developers will contact you.