Insurance digital trasformation is our mission. This is the reason why Photocert’s solutions easily integrate into an insurance company’s app and web system to improve the efficiency of the claims process with the creation of secure automated standards. Delivering an entirely mobile-driven experience, Photocert enhances the highest customer engagement in motor, property and contents insurance. Besides thanks to Photocert’s solutions, policyholders can start a claim through their insurance provider’s app by independently providing photo and video evidence that is automatically available on the claim handler’s web platform.

  • 24/7 Automated Self-service Claim Reporting
  • Faster First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Registration
  • Transparency and accuracy of claims valuation
  • Reduced costs for field inspections
  • Shorter claim life-cycle = from 15 days to 5 days*
  • Reduced number of touchpoints*
  • No need to rely on Insurance Adjustors for low severity cases
  • Fraud prevention through certified authentic photo evidence
  • From paper to digital for frictionless operations
  • User centric experience for a higher customer loyalty

Our self-service claims solutions encourage a real-time FNOL and consequently allow a faster initial assessment: two key elements for effectively reducing the Claim Cycle Time.


Photocert guarantees the highest security standards to prevent any fraud attempt. It uses Trusted Timestamping Servers and Etherum Blockchain to legally certify the authenticity of pictures taken with an app that integrates its solutions.

*Source: © LexisNexis – “2017 Future of Claims Study”

Insurance Use Case

Download Insurance use case to learn how Photocert can help your business to build trust, increase efficiency and mitigate risks.